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Everson’s Cider Pure, fresh & real

Everson’s Cider

2281 Essenhout Street Grabouw
Tel: 0825546357

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Tasting Notes – January 2014


Our apple cider is made from…wait for it…apples. That’s not unusual for a cider. What is unusual is the fact that we use up to five different varietals of the fruit. And, having the luxury of being based in Elgin, every apple we use is top drawer. We crush the apples and ferment the freshly pressed fruit juice using a traditional method, which involves the use of French oak staves and premium imported cider yeast. We also throw in a second fermentation process which is pretty cool.

What you’re left with at the end of the day is a crisp apple cider. It’s not sweet. We know that. We don’t want it to be. Instead, expect a slightly sharp but balanced light-bodied drink. Slightly nutty and tart, there is an element of oak too. Our apple cider is slightly carbonated, but you won’t feel like you’re drinking an Eno when you’re sucking one back either. The flavour profile leads itself to dishes where a hit of acidity is needed so try it with pork or chicken roasts. There is a bit of backbone in this bottle too, so it’ll stand up to curries and most spicy foods. Nice.


Following on from our flagship apple cider, we cashed in on the gorgeous fruit that we’re lucky enough to have as a backdrop in Elgin and produced our Pear Cider (Perry). Like the apple version, we believe sourcing the very best pears is key to the end product and – as a result – we use a variety of pears from the region.

The Perry is made with the same artisanal methods as our apple cider but the end product is slightly sweeter and more aromatic. Because of the alkaline fruit, there is a slightly waxy mouthfeel and a softer, creamier finish. This is a brilliant option to use when preparing food. It works beautifully with desserts when used to reduce as a syrup and it also provides something pretty cool to macerate fruit in. For savoury dishes try it as a glaze or add a splash to braising liquids.


Our ‘Cloudy’ Cider, also in 340ml bottles (24 / case) and available at the same trade price as the apple and pear in the range is the option for the lighter palette. This is our original apple or pear cider blended with fresh pressed cloudy apple juice to make it slightly sweeter and brings the alcohol down to 4 % .


This cider is what happens when you challenge yourself. As a cider drinker. And as a cider maker. This is what happens when you take chances. This is what happens when you mix a deep, base apple cider with a fresher pear cider. This is what happens when you take that juice and age it for 12 months in brandy and whiskey casks that you’ve painstakingly sourced from surrounding farms. This is what happens when you introduce fynbos honey from the mountains. This is what happens when you don’t follow the rules.

660 ml / 8% ALC


This cider is what happens when you focus. This is what happens when you harness the identity of a single varietal apple. This is what happens when you think local produce. This is what happens when you bottle local produce. This is what happens when you strip out the nonsense. This is what happens when you don’t add anything you don’t have to. This is what happens when you set out to make a dry cider.

On purpose.

This is what happens when the Cripps Pink apple happens.

660 ml / 8% ALC

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