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MediaMatix Your message needs to get out!

MediaMatix: a digital marketing agency focusing on online advertising and e-marketing mediums within the Wine and Craft Beer industry.

BottlePlatePillow – Wine Farm Search Engine: Winery / Craft Beer awareness product focusing on promoting the accessibility and hospitality associated with these industries. Wineries / Breweries can upload their details as a free listing or make use of our featured winery functionality to reach the target market more effectively. Upload all your wine / beer festivals, events and specials with the greatest of ease. The wonderful map functionality gives our website the edge above other websites, transforming it into a tool and great source of wine and beer information. Users can navigate the map and filter search results via the state of the art platform. We visit many product launches and media events and will feature our take on the story via Latest News or head over to our Press Release section and stay informed. We inform the public of new offerings via our social media channels: Facebook | Twitter | Subscribe

BottlePlatePillow – Productions:  Well, we love video (almost as much as we love wine) and believe it is one of the best marketing tools available and a superb method of showcasing your USP. More importantly, you have a dedicated audience when the play button is clicked. Remember, a clip is viewed by choice by a website user who wants to know more about your product or service. For the next two to three minutes you have a window of opportunity. Video for web is the new buzz word/phrase in online media; use it! We’ve produced a great deal of online wine videos (and many DVDs) over the last couple of years. So click-away and enjoy. Relive the moment! As a YouTube partner we are quite clued-up when it comes to online video and can advise and assist you with your specific video needs. (Our YouTube channel just reached 100 000 views!)

From the initial concept to embedding your final video on your website. We’ve produced many videos for various industries, our productions are not only wine focused as you might have imagined. Our aim is to give you a professional product at a very reasonable cost. Transform your image, from as little as R3500 per clip

BottlePlatePillow – Online: Multimedia, website development and social media. We are a team of innovative, creative and internet-wise experts who bring you the latest technology and continue to find ways to make digital marketing fun, affordable and competitive. You can rely on us.  The developing and implementation of an effective and unique social media strategy is of vital importance, we need to determine what role social media will play in your total marketing plan. (setup, maintenance and management). Custom Facebook pages and online marketing campaigns, no problem! We take care of your customer relationship management and will take the lead when sending your monthly newsletter and maintaining your database.

We believe in cultivating long-standing, mutually satisfying relationships. We have extended wine knowledge, gained from personal experience. We are passionate about what we do.

For more contact detail please: contact us of drop us a line via the form below