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We are passionate about wine and video. To venture into the winelands and scout around for untold stories is what we do best. Video only takes two to three minutes to watch but what you see is timeless! We’ve produced a great deal of online wine videos (and many DVDs) over the last couple of years. So click-away and enjoy. Relive the moment! (Our YouTube channel is about to reach 100 000 views. Who-ah!)


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  YouTube / Online video interesting facts

Since Google took YouTube over in 2006, views have gone through the roof. More than 4 Billion views per day from 800 million unique users. That is 2.8million views per minute! Every minute, 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube; think about it, 3 days of video every minute

YouTube is the 3rd most visited website, 2nd largest search engine and the no 1 video sharing platform in the world.

Here is our take on some everyday video “stuff”

Google it vs. YouTube it

So what does this all mean for business owners and marketers? We all know that to compete for the top spot on Google search results is a daunting task and takes serious commitment from webdevelper. If you include video as content medium you more than double your chances of getting ranked on search engines. Why you may ask? Well, with most search engines you can filter results. If you Google ‘Steenberg’ we do not show any results on page one, but filter the results to show video; suddenly we have two video results on the first page! Google “Mischa Wine”; once again we do not show any results but with video selected, we show no less than five video results on page 1. Pretty impressive if you ask me. More impressive is the fact that on that first page we also have results for a YouTube playlist and a video we did for the Gugulethu Wine festival in 2010. From the ten search results on page one, seven BottlePlatePillow results!

How to watch a clip

To avoid the jittery stop-go effect on a slow connection you need to allow the clip to download a bit before you start watching it (Buffer). This will allow smooth playback. Click play, the moment the video starts, hit pause and wait a couple of seconds. You will see a red progress bar at the bottom of the clip. Allow some time for the clip to buffer. When it reaches about 50%, hit play again. Playback should be smooth. Faster connections e.g. 2MB+ line you should stream clips without any problems and no buffering is needed.

How to change the quality

The higher the quality of the video, the slower the download. To avoid a fuzzy video, adjust the quality. Once you hit play and you find the video is of poor quality simply adjust the quality by selecting 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p HD, 1080HD in the bottom right corner of the player. You will find a small gear icon; click on it and up the quality. For average viewing I recommend 480p. You can also adjust the actual size of the player (settings to the right of the gear). If you select full screen you will have to up the quality of course.

Interesting infographic vidoes

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View our Wine videosView other (non-winery) videos

BottlePlatePillow productions. Yes, we produce video for web! Do you need video for your website?