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1-2-3 and you are ready-steady-go

How To List "This is too much, I can't do it" Really? Pull yourself togehter soldier, this is super easy!

Let us…   “put you on the map”


Concept:  cause we all can do with that extra bit of publicity. BottlePlatePillow focuses on the niche markets of  Wine and Beer. We are passionate about the industry and would like to promote the hospitality and accessibility of cellars and craft breweries in South Africa. That is more than enough reason and a great cause… nuff said!

How to list: 1-2-3 and you are on the map! It is super easy to get your winery or craft brewery listed and to top it all, the basic listing is FREE (and will always be free). For starters, you must be the wine producer or brewery, so restaurants can’t list. We need to convince winos and beeros to visit the spot where it all originated. Head over to the ‘Submit’ link and let’s get cracking.

Login with Facebook or follow the easy register/login steps (this will ensure that you can edit your listing when needed)

The moment you are all calm again and the excitement has died down we can look at the upload platform. There is a short tutorial highlighting all the important stuff. This will ten to one be like the pre-flight instructions on how to fasten your seat belt; completely useless! (Just kidding). The platform is self-explanatory, simply complete the open fields and hit submit. We will review your listing, make tweaks if needed and publish it. The upload process should not keep you busy for more than 8 minutes (If you have your logo, short editorial and 6 photos ready, you can get it done within 4 minutes) … boom!

Options: Basic listings include a spot on the map and your basic details. The featured listings will have much more photos, links, more visibility on the site, contact forms and also the added benefit of social media integration, video and a bit of media awareness (Currently you are welcome to select “Featured” in the settings without any payment – we are finalising our ‘functionality vs packages’ and will update you soon)

What do you get? BottlePlatePillow has been going for 5 years and our site is well indexed on Google, we have an unique listing structure and it all boils down to more views, more often!

Events: Our events page is a welcome addition to our Wine Farm Search Engine. You can add your event in a few easy steps.

With your heart still racing as the excitement reaches a climax, go pour a glass of wine and start with your basic listing. Okay okay… I know; it is the featured listing you’re after; you want to put a bit of meat on our plate… Zip us a mail by completing the form below and we will send you the details on planned packages.

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