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Submit listing: The login process is “1-2-3″ and a well structured interface will guide you through the upload process. Once you submit your listing we will be notified of your upload. We will review the listing, make some tweaks if needed and publish it – Voila! When you need to add or remove details or photos on your listing, simply go to “Submit” and edit your listings. You will also be able to see how often your listings have been viewed… cool!

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Wait, wait… hold your horses! I need more information before I can list – Please help! No problem, see the pointers below and read How To List

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Tip 1: Before upload, get the following ready

Logo, 6 photos and +- 200 words editorial. The rest of the details are tick-boxes… easy peasy! When it comes to your photos it is best to use photos in the 4:3 format (square-ish). Please try and keep the photos less than 1MB.

Tip 2: Different Categories - We offer a Bottle and Plate, what now?

Taste – Eat – Sleep – Brewery: You can list your categories separate OR combine it into one listing. Combined listings will display the same page for all search results (same owner or budget restraints.) When categories are uploaded as individual listings, a unique page will be displayed for each category (more detailed listing or different owners. Future paid feature). So, should you wish to upload e.g. the winery separate from the restaurant, only select ‘taste’ in the category and add the relevant details focused on the winery only. Create a new listing for ‘eat’ and add information specific to the restaurant. Alternatively, should you wish to combine your categories into one listing, simply select all the relevant categories. Of course the information and photos must now reflect all the categories


Tip 3: Wine / Beer Region

We don’t work according to the book here. Our areas are NOT formal Wine Regions or Wine Wards (but based on those areas). For us it is more  important that the public; the people buying your stuff and visiting your venues need to find you. Some spots are more complicated than others. If you are based in Stellenbosch, that is sort of obvious but what about  e.g. Stanford? People will typically search under Hermanus, Walker Bay, Gansbaai, Agulahas or Elim – With your upload, please select the region and or the area you fall under. You are welcome to select two options. In the Stanford example we will suggest to include ‘Overberg | Walker Bay” AND “Agulhas | Elim’ or When you are out in say Darling, select ‘Darling’ and ‘West Coast’  -  Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Tip 4: Facebook Login

Nope, we don’t post on your behalf, we don’t tell your friends where you are or any of that jazz. We use the most basic Facebook login / permission request settings available. This functionality is 100% for your convenience and certainly the easiest way to get going without creating an account or remembering new passwords.

Tip 5: Register, Username and Password

No funnies here. Your username must not include any weird characters (!@#$%^-&**”:’) No man… I’m not swearing, just don’t use any of these characters. The username is not case sensitive. We will send your unique password within the minute but hey, this is Africa, sometimes it takes a couple more minutes. No need to, but you are welcome to change your password once logged in. Good examples: De Grendel, degrendel or degrendel01  Bad examples: John’s Bistro or (@Winery$) – Login and just do it! 



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